Sights of the city of Chillan.

The city of San Bartolome de Chillan was founded on June 26, 1580 by Marshal Martin Ruiz de Gamboa, Governor of Chile in those years, formally required in the south bank of the Rio Ñuble which gives its name to the province. urban enclave near the neighboring commune of Chillán Viejo (original site of the city) where live about 170 thousand inhabitants. It is an important center of agriculture, forestry and commercial activity, where converge the 20 communes of the province of Dims, the largest number in the country.

The name of the city is related to the Mapuche people, whose name comes from the word "Chillem" which means "Saddle" or "chair";. The city is now known as the "Silla del Sol" While , mapudungun word "Chillchan" makes relation to a set of flowers or spikes that arise from the same root, which attaches to Chillán could mean "very fruitful place."

The city has a Mediterranean climate with dry summer season, and a very cold and rainy winter, features the central valley of Chile.Las 4 seasons are perfectly distinguishable.

Chillan is known in the country as the "Cradle of heroes and artists" because in the area have born the most famous people in history, the arts, and the Chilean culture.

Mercado de Chillan

Hotel Chillan

Located in the heart of the commercial activity of the city, the market of Chillán is the tourist and gastronomic landmark par excellence. Converge in agriculture, the fair of fruit and vegetables brought from the corners of the province, handicrafts, as well as the famous "Longaniza de Chillan" sausage meat which the area is a renowned producer. In turn, the market has a wide range of restaurants of typical Chilean food and traditional handicrafts.

Historic city

Hotel in Chillan

Located in the O´higgins Park Chillán Viejo, the stone mural is a great architectural work of 60 meters long made of various stones extracted in the country, by a group of local artists in the creation of the artist Maria Garcia Martner 1973, which recounts the major milestones of life of Bernardo O´Higgins Riquelme, the most important illustrious son of the city. The Father of the Nation and Liberator of America is omnipresent throughout the city, and figure out in the imposing sculpture that recalls its stamp of National leader, located in the center of the Plaza de Armas, the local point of meeting where towering and añozos native trees.

The Cathedral Church of Chillan is an impressive and exciting work. Dedicated to St. Bartholomew, patron of the city, is a reconstruction of the old cathedral under the modernist ideas of the architect Hernan Larrain Errazuriz. This resembles a huge vault with a whopping 11 parabolic arcs that are spaced 5 meters from each, allows the lighting inside the cathedral, resembles the crossing of fingers in an attitude of prayer. Above the main entrance of the cathedral a mosaic representing the life of Jesus, created by artist Alejandro Rubio is Damalti.

Its arches over 20 meters high and its monumental cross of 39 meters (a tribute to the 39,000 victims of the earthquake of January 24 1939) make it a unique architectural work in Chile.

Art and culture

City center Chillan

The murals are the characteristic artistic expression of the city. The Mexico School, for example, is a gift from the Mexican town to town then this was destroyed by the earthquake of 1939. In the main entrances and in your library you can admire the beautiful work of historical Mexican muralists David Alfaro Siqueiros and Xavier Guerrero. They enhance education as promoter of the human spirit, and the pictorial narrative sister bloody history of independence of Mexico and Chile. The school and its murals are a National Historic Landmark.

In several public buildings in the city one can see paintings of prominent national awards. The "Marriage Huaso" (1988) by artist Mario Carreño, is located in the Clinica del worker.

Claudio Arrau León was an exceptional pianist, and is recognized in the world linking it to the city where he was born. He traveled the world performing the classics of erudite music like no one had. His work memory and is rescued in the museum that bears his name, a place where you can see the vast scope of his art.

Nature and Tradition

Hotel in downtown Chillan

The Cordillera de Chillan and its famous hot springs, are a recognized world-famous winter enclave. The beauty of the imposing Andean chain crowned by the homonymous volcano, natural attractions are ideal for outdoor activities in all seasons, with an emphasis on winter sports season. Dims Valleys, Itata, Portezuelo, fertile are recognized wine regions that have nourished the land of the best wines. Not to stray too far from the city to go into the picturesque villages that make up the province (Quirihue, Quinchamalí, Coihueco, to name a few) where the traditions of the Chilean countryside is at its most honest and closest expression, where people works the land is generous and servile who visit them.

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